The Beauty of Nothing

I don’t like to carry things.  The most obvious reason for this would be because I am lazy.  True…however, There is a better reason; One that actually constitutes a thought about it.

Carrying things is ugly.  A body weighed down with bags and books is not a happy body, nor an aesthetically pleasing one.  I think that the human body is beautiful, and there is something about the cluttering of such a body that I don’t like.  I don’t like to carry things because I know that it looks bad.  Think about it, which is the more attractive picture: A woman lugging around a purse and ton of books or a woman walking with nothing?  Nothingness is simple and nothingness is attractive, in art and in life.

Carrying things keeps you grounded. There is something about being without things to weigh you down that is empowering and exciting.  Carrying things means that you need those things.  It means that you are a slave to objects and that you are slaving to keep those objects close.  Maybe every woman thinks she needs her cell phone, wallet, and chap-stick (I know I do) but wouldn’t we be happier if we could travel without them?  Would it be freeing?  To go into the woods with a tent, food, and lighter fluid is more materialistic and safe than going into the same woods with nothing but your clothing.  (Maybe it isn’t smart but it is fun.  It something different!)

Now, I know, it’s ridiculous to even bring up the topic.  We need to carry things because we need to bring things with us where we go.  But how about taking a moment to think about what you really need to carry when you’re walking out of the house.  Are all of the textbooks necessary?  Do you really need your hairbrush and mousse?  If not, then cut back on what you carry around, maybe you can even switch to a smaller bag.  For those who carry two bags, maybe you could limit it to one.  (Sometimes you really do need all the stuff. Not a big deal.  I walk around like a pack mule plenty of times.)  Just think about how much lighter you will feel when there is less stuff pulling on you and weighing you down.  You’ll feel better and you’ll look better too!


2 thoughts on “The Beauty of Nothing

  1. Jodi Dever

    yeah so, i always have waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy too much stuff hahaha. like a camel or llama. but i will saying being a theatre major you need props. i, however agree, carrying nothing feels amazing, almost as good as sex!

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