I usually wait for inspiration to find me.  On my other blog, I would sometimes go weeks without posting anything if I was busy or just living happily with no complaints.  However, I’ve realized that I don’t need to wait for the emotions or the random inspiring thoughts.  School, especially my Media Aesthetics class, has taught me that I can force myself into creativity.  Weird, right?  It seems that way.

In our class, we had to come up with an original screen play.  So far we have written the synopsis of our play, the in-depth character profile, and the scene outline.  During both the character profile and the scene outline I constantly surprised myself at the things I thought of.  I was being creative, and there was really no inspiration (besides getting the assignment in on time).

So what?  Can I force myself to be creative everyday?  Probably not.  But I thought it would be an interesting concept to share.  Next time you think that you haven’t had any inspiration in a while, just try to force something out of your head. Give yourself an assignment to come up with some neat characters (the crazier the better), or just free-write for awhile.  It worked for me.


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