Hey! College is hard!

For some reason, our parents’ generation and even the generation that is in their middle thirties, all tend to think that college was the best years of their lives.  I’m glad for them.  I’m glad that they fulfilled all of their top 100 things to do while drunk in college and came out alive with degrees.  The problem here, is that these people think I’m having the best time of my life.  Important information for these people: I’m not!

I realize that everyone’s college experience is different.  Is this is so, then why does everyone think that my college experience is a walk in the park filled with parties and the occasional paper?

To be brutally honest, college is not fun for me.  I spend hours upon hours doing work during the week.  I stay up until 1AM every night slaving over notecards or hunching over my keyboard.  Sometimes I just have to stay up because my roommates are up and attempting to go to sleep is futile.  As a result, I get about 5-6 hours of sleep per night…and I like my sleep.

I am active in the school.  I am in a club, and we do things for the school.  We have meetings every week and I am the secretary so I also have other jobs to do.  I am in the Honors program.  Every semester I have to complete 14 hours of honors activities and 14 hours of community service plus they make some speakers mandatory to attend.

I have a major and two minors!  I take 6 classes a semester!  That is 18 credits total.

Plus, it doesn’t help that I get homesick.  When the weekend comes I cannot wait to run home to my parents where there is actually food in the kitchen.  To top it all off, I have Peter, who is my boyfriend and best friend, and I only get to see him on weekends.

Finally, it is difficult for me to live with other people because I need silence when I am trying to sleep, study or read.  I also need for things to be clean (needless to say my roommates are very messy).  I also like for people not to touch my stuff or eat my food.  Needless to say, that doesn’t happen either.

I don’t go to parties.  I have never been to a single one.  I don’t stay up late willingly.  I don’t eat whatever I want, I eat whatever I can get at the cafeteria after I make the 15 minute walk there.  I don’t have fun here.  There may be those moments of fun and happiness with friends but most of the time I am just stressed out and frustrated.

Being in college is hard.  Especially for me.  So don’t give me that crap about college being the best time of your life.  College, for me, is just another part of my life that I must get through in order to achieve some sort of ends.  I am enjoying myself now because I have a loving family, I have Peter and his family, and for the moments that I can relax I have friends to relax with.  But college isn’t adding to my fun in life, if anything it impedes my ability to do what I want.


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