I support gay marriage.

Today especially, I have seen a lot of debate over the issue of gay marriage.  I support gay marriage because it simply seems to me like the right thing to do, and I like to go with my intuitions.  I realize that my intuition is not a good argument for my cause at all, since those who are against gay marriage are very adamant about it.  So I will attempt to justify my stance with a few arguments that make sense to me.

Why not?

To actually make a stand for gay marriage, one must go about refuting the claims made by those who are against it.  It think that this is something that sets of a warning light in the basic understanding of arguments.  The fact that the only argument for gay marriage are refutations of arguments started by those against it shows that it is difficult to fathom why such an institution is right except for the simple and natural thought that it is right.

So anyway, if that made any sense, here are the arguments against gay marriage and my counter arguments.

1. It would be changing/going against the definition of marriage.

Ok the definition of marriage is that it is an institution entered into between a man and a woman.  But people, we add words to the dictionary like bling. That isn’t my actual argument however.  Today, our definition of marriage is that it is something that a man and a woman enter into. Would it be so bad if in the future the definition is something two people enter into?  How about an argument by analogy?  In the past, we defined black people as slaves/people of little or no worth.  In the future, those of African American descent are equal to all white people and all other people of every nationality in this country.  Today, we look back and say that how we defined black people in the past was totally wrong!  So isn’t it possible that the way we are defining marriage today is also totally wrong.  The past has shown that it is OK for us to change the way that we do things.  Just look at slavery and women’s rights!  Looks like those huge decisions haven’t screwed up everything like some people may have thought they would have.

2) Gay people are different from regular straight people.  As in, they are not likely to remain in relationships and they do not have the same values or morals as “normal” straight people (and they are promiscuous and give AIDs to others).

I realize that the last part was totally uncalled for but the fact that I mentioned it was to show how ridiculous and untrue it is.  Gay relationships are really no different from straight relationships.  Honestly, the divorce rate in this country is at 50%.  Are gay marriages going to negatively affect that statistic?  I think Senator Savino said it best in her speech earlier in the week.  I honestly feel that being gay is not a lifestyle choice, it is something that you are predisposed to as a result of your genetic make-up (of, course there are people who could argue against that too but there is not scientific truth in this matter, yet).  Anyway, I feel that people who are gay have no insane difference that makes them promiscuous and lacking social values. (They may be a bit showy but who cares.)

3. My favorite argument is the slippery slope argument.  This argument is saying that if we allowed gay marriage then we would eventually also have to allow incest, marriage between animals and humans, and polygamy.

Common, really?  Do you think it is even possible that a bill allowing incest and bestiality would ever ever ever come into existence.  How many people out there would go for that?  5% of the population?  Less?  And even if by some freak coincidence those bills came into senate, do you think it is at all possible that they would ever ever be voted “yes” on.  I don’t say this much, but, HELL TO THE NO!  Seriously, it’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.  Besides any slippery slope argument automatically commits the reductio ad absurdum fallacy and is therefore not a valid argument.

In conclusion, I support gay marriage because it’s just the right thing to do and any speculation about negative consequences this bill could have are all ridiculous.  What do you think?

I welcome all comments, even if they are hateful and filled with religious undertones.


6 thoughts on “I support gay marriage.

  1. shawn keating

    i don’t support gay marrige, but i also believe that i have zero authority in regaurds to who can marry who, regaurdless of sexual preference. i don’t feel as if my marrige is cheapened in any way because gays can marry. i just can’t support it because I think my sexual preference is more alligned with right then wrong. do what you want people, just keep it to yourself.

  2. shawn keating

    oh i forgot to explain my logic of right and wrong sexual preference. it is simple question of survival, nature has a way of making things the way they need to be to go on. i am straight because i mate with females, in turn my nature made it possible for my daughter to exsist and so to my logic this is alligned more of the right preference then the wrong. simply put if nature intended for us to be gay, we would not be.

    • Mandar

      Hm. I can’t say that I respect the fact that you are an admitted homophobe.

      I can explain your logic of “right and wrong” sexual preference: You can choose to be gay, and that’s find, you choose your choice.. But I think it’s not only the wrong choice, but an unnatural and repulsive one at that.

      Survival today is nothing like the survival of our ancestors. It could be reasonably argued that “mating” is a detriment to our survival, as the population continues to grow and the resources are not available to care for the numbers we have already.

      Another point: Who says marriage is a contract to make babies? Just a question, because whenever the marriage issue arises, people are screaming “THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!”

      I’m leaning on the side of this: Throw away the word marriage from the law books. Civil unions for all. If you want to go through the marriage process, as I assume most would — INCLUDING homosexuals — you can do so at a place of worship of your chosing.

      Lastly, a side note, I think the people who believed that granting minorities equal rights would destroy the integrity of our country still live on today. First example that pops into my head is the “birther” movement. Or, those people at a Palin book signing who believe that there needs to be MORE “profiling” and that “we’re first.. other people last.” Link:

      • shawn

        This is the 4th time iv started typing a response for Mandar. I just have a couple things to say.

        Hm. I can’t say that I respect the fact that you are an admitted homophobe.

        -Im not sure who makes the call on what it takes to be a homophobe but a quick comparison between me and the definition has found similarities lacking.

        “Survival today is nothing like the survival of our ancestors. It could be reasonably argued that “mating” is a detriment to our survival, as the population continues to grow and the resources are not available to care for the numbers we have already.”

        -If you are implying that being gay is natures way of population control by preventing mating, i have to give you some facts. Humans explosion of population and consumption of resources has nothing to do with the amount we are mating. It is because of amazing medicine and technology. Simply put, the rate that we are reproducing has almost not changed, but our life expectancy, and amazing procedures that are keeping us alive are booming every day. This includes babies that would have died in the past are now alive and thriving. In contrast many of the worlds reproducing capable population are not even reproducing enough to sustain their own cultures. Not taking reproduction serious is detrimental to life as we know it. It is because of a rising muslim demographic. In fact the gays are only contributing to the problem of a culture that will die out, at least here in america. Pay special attention to about 5:25 into the video. Nature is bound by bounties, gay marriage has nothing to do with what i was talking about, get married i don’t care. Im worried about sustaining my culture and way of life for my children and their children. I see the gay movement as a contributing factor to our failing sustainability, at least here in the usa.

        Educate yourself

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