Christmas Thanks

My dad once said to me, “I don’t feel bad about not going to church because I know how blessed I am and I am thankful for it.”  I will never forget those words.  Something about what he said just hit home 1) Because I thought it was good reasoning 2) Because I realized that I did not know how blessed I was and that I did not regularly give thanks for what I had.  I couldn’t blame myself.  This was years ago.  I was probably only about 12.

However, from then on I would take time whenever I felt particularly lucky to notice what I have and be thankful for it.  Christmastime, to me, has always been a greedy time.  Even after I knew that Santa was not real and that my parents had to buy all of those wonderful gifts for me, I still expected the overflow of gifts that I usually woke up to on Christmas morning.  But as I get older, I receive less and less on Christmas and I am disappointed.  While I know that I definitely should not be!

I get only a few gifts on Christmas because all I ask for is a few things, and those things  all together cost considerably more than the mountains of toys I got as a kid.  What can I say?  I have so much!  It is hard for me to even think of things to ask for sometimes. Yes, I want a camera for photography but those are way expensive, and who knows how much I would use it.  Plus, my dad pays for my tuition every semester thats 20,000 or more a year.  And we just bought a house in Florida!

So, the few gifts that I will have under the tree this December 24th will be plenty for me.  I receive so much throughout the year, how could I possibly expect more?


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