Another Semester? Ugh!

Long hiatuses away from my cyber duties = Not something I do very often.  It is out of my character to continually have nothing of value to say (or, in this case, feel that there is no point for me to spend the time saying it).

However, vacation is now over.  It sucks.  I know all of my friends at school would just die a little inside to know that I am not excited or anxious to get back to those days of  school work and cafeteria lunches with no place to sit.  I’m sorry friends.  While I miss you all, and want to see you, I have something at home that is precious to me; people who I love and want to be with every moment of my life (sleeping-in everyday is nice too).

At this very moment, I should be packing away all my necessary items for the long haul back to Rowan.  Obviously I am not.  You can infer from this situation, that this is the first time for perhaps the entire winter break that I have used writing online as an excuse not to do something else (which means I really don’t want to do it).

Alas, I will finish this post in a matter of minutes and I will pack.  Thus is the turning of the universe.  I ask myself why I allow myself to be pulled along sometimes by the inevitable turning of such universe.  I think the underlying answer is that I actually like going back to school.  Maybe it’s my insane fetish for school supplies.  Perhaps it is my excitement at new and fun learning prospects.  Most likely, it is something that I will never discover (since you can only go so far with self-therapy). However, there is some sappy part of me pullling on my cerebellum that says, “Write that it is all the fun you have with your friends!”

Hmm, I will never admit it.

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