When I was younger I always wished to be someone else.  Who doesn’t do that though?  Little girls want to be princesses, singers, ballerinas, or models.  But when I got older, 8 years old maybe, I started wishing that I was just someone else.  I wanted to be the girl in my class with the straight blonde hair or the one who just moved to the town but already had a boyfriend.  I wanted to be the girl with the matching outfits down to her socks and hair things all purchased at the same store.  I wanted to be the best dancer in my class or the most popular one in my school, because they had something I did not have.  Those girls just got lucky and I didn’t.  Sometimes I wished that I would wake up in a different body.  I wished it too much.

Was it weird?  Was it just what girls do?  And at what point did I stop wishing I was someone else?  When was I happy with who I was?  When does wanting to be someone else turn into acceptance and then happiness?

Now, maybe I still want to be someone special, but I guess it takes some years living a life to realize that you don’t have to wake up in someone else’s body to change who you are.  You can make yourself into that person you want to be, and it will be much nicer than waking up in someone else’s body.


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