Hipster : The only stereotype people enjoy

(Unless of course you are, in this day and age, proud to be a guido (-ette))

The word stereotype immediately comes with a negative connotation.  Nobody wants to be stereotyped.  If you are unlucky enough to be placed in a category by your peers or elders you are basically in one of the following groups: Jock/Athlete, Druggie/Stoner, Gothic/Strange, Artsy/Theater kid, Skaters/Punk rock, or  Student Government/School Spirit.  In my high school we had some special groups like: surfers, and rednecks (my personal favorite).  However, nobody completely fits into any of these categories.  There are jocks who graduate in the top ten of their class, band kids who get stoned everyday and go to parties with all of the soon to be drop outs, aspiring models who spend their weekends in new york working on another job, or marching band members who dance in the school musicals and sail in races on the weekends.  This is why nobody wants to be in a clique.  Nobody is just a hippie or just a cheerleader or just the president of the student coalition against tobacco club.

Until now, all hail the stereotype that everyone finally wants to be inducted into.  It is – the Hipster.  What does it mean?  Now a days, it basically just means you’re cool.  It means you’re fashionable but kind of edgy.  It means you do some drugs but not enough to spoil your obvious intellect.  It means you’re deep and artistic.  It means you’re hip, mister.

Being an attempt at hipster myself, I have noticed that this is the first and only stereotype I have ever wanted to be considered.  Why?  It is the only positive image perhaps ever conceived.  So here is how to achieve it in a few extremely easy steps:

In my experience, the hipster stereotype is most commonly defined by wardrobe.  To even be considered a hipster you must have the essentials (this list applies to males and females equally): skinny jeans, an endless supply of white v- neck t-shirts, at least one scarf, at least one hat (preferably knitted), flat slip on shoes, and black rimmed glasses.  Second most important requirement on the hipster list is music.  You must like Indie music, Underground music, or Local music.  You must also like some of the bigger bands like Radiohead and Muse.  Most importantly, you should probably be in a band or at least regularly play your acoustic guitar and write out your feelings into a song.  Finally, location location location.  Hipster kids like coffee houses, bookstores, clearings in the woods, docks by the bay and long abandoned trails.  Frequenting these places, perhaps with a camera or notebook, basically solidifies your hipster status for life.

It is easy and it is open to anyone with feelings and an affinity for tight pants.  So go, enjoy my soldiers of sexiness.


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