Must love heels

I should wear heels more.  Since I am only 5’2, it doesn’t exactly matter how thin I am, because I will still be too short for that model-esque figure.  Heels do something special to my legs-makes them look longer and skinnier.

These particular heels are so awesome.  I forget what store they are from but they are just some brand they sell at Joyce Leslie etc.  I got them at least 3 years ago.  The rest of my outfit, not sure where I got it.  I know the jeans are PacSun’s Bullhead, Venice.  (They didn’t come with the knee rip, that’s a roller hockey mishap.)

While I’m on the subject of fashion.  I have some pictures of me in a dress I may wear to a wedding this weekend.  I’m not sure if it’s the best choice yet (I’ll deicide that five minutes before I walk out the door).  The style of it reminds of an Audrey Heburn look in “Breakfast At Tiffany’s.”  I paired it with the highest shoes I have and they actually look good together.  Sometimes not thinking so much pays off.

These shoes I did get from Joyce Leslie.  The dress I got from Boscovs!  You’d think they don’t carry nice dresses but they do.

I didn’t bring any heels with me back to school.  It is too cold right now to be strutting around (and walking all over campus in platforms hurts after awhile).   Perhaps I need a nice pair of over-the-knee boots (as I am told they are coming into style this spring).

Anyway, I’m looking to experiment a lot more with my style lately so expect more posts filled with pictures of me trying to pass as a model!  Haha.


2 thoughts on “Must love heels

    • danielleuniverse

      Hehe thanks! We should do a photoshoot. I’m in a photography class so I can take out some nice cameras and I want to play with them. You pick out your favorite outfits and tell me when you’re free. Cept. I can’t do it this weekend or next weekend.

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