The Hipikat

I favor the “natural hipster.”


As a sort of amendment to my earlier entry, “Hipster…” (which you can view by scrolling down a bit), I have stumbled onto some fun information about the evolution of the word.  Isn’t it nice how things just present themselves to you at appropriate times?

Anyway, the term “hipster” is a form of the word “hipikat” which is an actual word that belonged the African language “Wolof”.  The meaning of hipikat (pronounced hippie-cat) is a person who is wise or knowledgeable.  So the word hipikat was used by African-Americans to describe a person “in the know”.

From what I understand, hipster was used by the beat poets to describe the existentialist, the white man who tries to live like the “black man”- with an attitude that is separate from the concerns of society, an attitude often known as “cool”.

In today’s world, the revival of the word hipster seems to be an accurate description of the peoples it embodies today.  Those who are “hip to something” have some knowledge about it.  Typically, hipsters are portrayed as intelligent (at least in some area).  Additionally, the description of the hipster as cool remains what it essentially means today.  That, my friends, must by why is it the one and only coveted stereotype in the history of the world (That claim may or may not be true, I realize this).

Here is a link to an article that someone else wrote about “Hipsters.” I actually just read this backwards out of some subconscious fear that reading it simply would be very “uncool.”  It wasn’t very good that way so I assume forwards it sounds as much like crap as it does backwards.  However I did find the part about blogging ironic, which is even more ironic because there is also a part about how hipsters love irony (so, naturally, I love it).  (That last bit in parenthesis is sarcasm, which we also LOVE!)

Peace out, hipikats.


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