Boots, boots, boots, boots!

I’m trying to resist taking a nap in my bed right now.  I just want to be cozy.  Plus, I was productive enough yesterday that I can slack a bit today (in my biased opinion).

Let me tell you something…this sweater = awesome.  It may hang on my frame like a potato sack but it is like wearing a blanket all the time (a more stylish version of the Snuggie I suppose).  Perfect for these days when we all wake up wondering why it is snowing, again!  A Joyce Leslie buy and Joyce Leslie brand.  Love it ❤

Lets get down to what this post is really about…the boots.  I am not talking about UGGs (though I own more pairs of those than I would care to admit).  I am talking about my stylish ones.  These, may not seem so wonderful now since I’ve worn them out quite a bit.  However, when I first got them I was so excited.  I loved the detailing and that fact that the toes are not pointy.  (Sorry, not a fan of the pointed toe.)  I also love the height.  I got them at Payless (I know I’m so “thrifty”- A word which you can substitute for “cheap” if your heart desires).

However, those which solidify my spot on the cool list are my Minnetonka’s.  Minnatonka Mocassins makes some awesome products if you are interested (Just, do yourself a favor and do not get the ones with peace signs on them).

These are  the Woodstock boots.  They are so wonderful.  Peter calls me Pocahontas when I wear these. Possibly TMI.

And here I am doing the rain dance.  My pose in this picture is…insane, perhaps.  In my defense, I was just trying to showcase the shoes. (Obvi.)  More ridiculous than my pose is my sweatshirt (to some people).  I think it’s fabulous.

That’s a zebra.  In case you did not notice.  I got this at the Delia’s warehouse sale in Wildwood.  Score!  It is in fact, made by one of those awful graphic t-shirt companies that make those shirts with sayings like “Recycle boys”.  Regardless, I think they struck gold here.  Sometimes things are just so bad that they can pass as high fashion.  And yes I am implying that a lot of high fashion is ridiculously unwearable.

On another note, the side braid is in (fyi).  And that is all I have for today.

Later, Hipikats.  (Yes, I’m sticking with it.)


3 thoughts on “Boots, boots, boots, boots!

  1. Sallie Soffel

    Hi! This is my first time commenting on your blog 🙂 Been reading it in secret for a while and just wanted to say thanks for all the posts you have written so far. I love your writing flair and fancy the website design!. Also, could you let me know how I could subscribe to your site using email? It would be impressive to get your posts in my inbox!

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