Snow days

Today is perhaps the fifth day in a row I have managed to not do any work whatsoever.  It is something I am working to change (not without exhausting all of my other options first).

I would like to do more fashion-related posts but my awesome excuse is that it is way too cold right now to try and look cute.  Home (South Jersey) was just hit with record breaking amounts of snow and we are expecting more tomorrow night into Wednesday.  UGH!  I’ve always loved snow because it was such a beautiful and rare occurrence.  However, lately all this snow has caused is puffer jackets and slipping on ice all over campus.  I have to bundle up, I get cold easily!  Pictures:

Yikes! (My new word of exclamation lately)

At least my snow boots are almost kind of cute!

They are huge and chunky but not ugly.  I love this detailing:

Another one of my items of clothing I got from my mom.  I have no idea where they came from.  The brand seems to be a “U.”

A lot of the more fashion forward girls on campus are using boots like this:

The American Eagle Paige Bootie at Payless.  I almost bought these last semester but I got my black ones from the previous post instead.  Looks like they are on sale now, so I better head over there tomorrow.  I haven’t gone shopping since before Christmas!

I should do some of my work before I decide it’s bedtime.  I’m considering heading home tomorrow, since I’m almost sure classes will be cancelled Wednesday and I don’t want my car snowed in like those ones in the picture above!  We will see if driving conditions are too bad by the time I can get out of here.  Not looking forward to the storm at all.

Wishing you warmth and love, my hipikats.


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