Spring 2010 Fashion Trends

Since I’ve been posting a bit about fashion, I figured it would only be appropriate to do some research on upcoming trends.  I can’t very well consider myself fashionable without looking the part.  So here are the expected trends for this spring:

What I Love:

The Band Jacket

The Trench Coat

Yes, that is Emma Waston for Burberry, shexy.

Neutral Tones

I enjoy most colors but there is something about pale pinks and tans that makes me think of ballet ❤

School Spirit

There is something about sweaters and knee socks that has always appealed to me, haha.

The Braid

Peep Toe Boots

Absolutely beautiful and a lot easier to walk in than most heels.

What I Hate:

High Cut Shorts (Hot pantaloons)

Nobody but these models should wear shorts that short, ever.

Genie Pants

Underwear as Outerwear

NO. No. No. No. No. No. No.



Trends that the experts say will catch on but most certainly will not



Oh,  Holes in the clothes.  Cool…

What do you think Hipikats?


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