A Touch of Spring

It’s been such a long day, hipikats.  I’ve had classes and a meeting from 9:25AM until 6:00PM.  Plus, in my Television Production class I was thrown right into directing a newscast! Talk about stress.  Lots of quick thinking involved…

Up here in South Jersey we all desperately want it to be spring.  I’m ready to get rid of my uggs!  I got this new blouse that I adore for it’s bright cheery spring qualities!

I’ve been doing a lot lately.  Photography classes have gotten me taking more serious pictures.  I love photography so I am thankful that it is required of me so I’ll actually do it.  There is actually a link to my flickr where you can see my last project in the right column of this page.

I just told my friend that I’ll interview for the telethon we’re having on our college television station.  The proceeds are going to aid Haiti.

In my off-time, I’ve been exploring some fashion blogs.  Some I’m inspired by.  It is surprising how many girls out there are committed fashion bloggers.  It’s pretty wonderful.  Right now, I am basically in limbo, deciding if I am going to get serious or not.  I have a lot on my plate…and not a lot of money to spare.

Anyway, I really want to go thrifting.  Perhaps there will be posts with some “new” vintage stuff in the future.

In the meanwhile, I have fallen in love with these:

I want them all !

Later for now, hipikats.  Wishing you warmer weather on the horizon.


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