At Least it Isn’t Snowing

I am so excited everyone!  My last post almost got 50 views, that’s the most I’ve ever gotten.  It’s all thanks to you guys!  Regardless of this new excitement, today has been so gloomy.  Rain all day!

Rain boots are a lifesaver here on campus when you have to walk ten minutes to and from class through some seriously huge puddles.  (My favorite one is over by Boz.  You communication majors know what I am talking about!)

Rain boots were a gift from my parents for Christmas.  Also wearing: Black stirrup leggings and blouse from JL.

I would really like to get a nice bubble umbrella (you know what they say about April showers) :

In other news, I’ve been exploring a lot of fashion blogs lately.  I don’t like most of them.  Many of those who are famous are focused on high fashion; something that real people can’t afford nor can they pull off.  However, here are a couple that have my seal of approval (not like they need it): Painfully Hip Teen Fashionista

Sea of Shoes was my inspiration for getting into this, she is fabulous.  Last but not least, LookBook .

I am a frugal shopper.  I would rather have ten pieces that I love than one really expensive, extremely well-made frock.  Therefore, I am not into high-end designers and fashion week.  However, I stumbled upon a few pictures of some seriously beautiful dresses by Marchesa. (Click on the photos to see them enlarged)


Finally, after a lot of consideration.  Here are my must haves for Spring (so far):

Brogues (Oxfords)

Heeled Oxfords

Trench Coat

Tights (Forever 21)

Shoulder Bag (Urban Outfitters)

That’s all for now.  Go sleep, this weather demands it, hipikats!


2 thoughts on “At Least it Isn’t Snowing

  1. Natalie

    Hey, I have a question 🙂 where can i get those heeled oxfords? they are adorable! I would really appreciate it if you messaged me back. thanks 🙂

    • danielleuniverse

      I’m really sorry but I just can’t remember where they were from. I did a bunch of searches on google to no avail. If you want, I could find you some similar looking shoes. Would that be helpful?


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