High Waisted

Hello everyone,

Everyday is an adventure when you are on campus.  You see so many people.  You hear so many stories (those you want to hear and those you unfortunately overhear).  Maybe, you even get some work done.

In my travels, I have noticed that there are so many snazzy dressers here! I mean, my jaw literally dropped when I saw a girl walk into Prof’s Place wearing the exact outfit I would love to own.  Brown oxford flats, opaque black leggings, and an off-white lacy dress.  In that moment, I immediately wanted to do something.  Get her picture!  Something!

Therefore, I have been thinking about a bit of a bold move on my part.  Take pictures of those people!  Not everyone is a fashion blogger, they just look good!  I get a lot of my fashion inspiration from seeing girls around campus.  (If I am am ever staring at you it’s because I am studying your style and taking a mental picture!)  So I would really like to do something like Face Hunter or Sartorialist.  The only problem; I’m way too shy.

Who knows…perhaps I will do it.  First, I am thinking about making up a card with my web address and e-mail address on it. (Just to look less like a creepy girl with a point-and-shoot and more like someone legitimate.)

Anyway, high waisted is in.  I know, I know.  It was in before.  But now high waisted shorts are in!  Look out for them for this summer season.  (I should probably end my belt boycott now.)

Regardless, this is what I wore today:

High waisted works on me because it makes my legs look longer.  I think.  I also love that I can take a plain black skirt like this one from H&M and dress it down with a simple white t-shirt.  I ❤ white t-shirts.

H&M Skirt.  V-neck white tee.

DKNY tights (which I stole from my mom quite a while ago).

AE Flats.

Until next time, hipikats.  I hope the snow doesn’t totally ruin our weekends.


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