Fashion Inspiration : Blair Waldorf

Morning upper east siders.  If you like this post, check out a newer more in-depth analysis of Blair’s style here.

I hardly watch Gossip Girl but what I enjoy most about the show is the fashion; particularly Blair Waldorf’s wardrobe.  Ever since I saw my first episode I was mesmerized at the beauty and sophistication of everything that Blair wore.

This is the first outfit of Blair’s that caused me to fall completely in love with her style.  Perhaps, she can pull off anything but I love the combination of the white and black lace.  Sometimes I think that less is more but sometimes more is also more!

Blair’s signatures include: Lace, Bows, Structured pieces like Blazers, Tights and, of course, Headbands.

Blair is often wearing designer frocks.  However, if you recall, in season one Blair wore a lot of her “mother’s” designs.  The mastermind behind those designs was Abigail Lorick.   If you look at her designs from Spring 2008, they are very Blair-esque.

Being the self-proclaimed fashion designer of the series how could I not mention Jenny Humphery.  While most of her outfits are too dark or over-the-top for my taste, some her looks are totally awesome.  Although I don’t like this new look on her, it could def. work on some people:

However, she hits it out of the park with this one:

I also like this one from her sweeter days:

Designer Anna Sui did a really awesome line for target inspired by Gossip Girl.  Link here. I love the Darling Lace Cream Dress for Blair’s line.  I looked it up on eBay and it’s totally expensive though.

Honestly, it was a long day filled with many excitable moments and I’m starting to feel a bit sick.  Hopefully it is nothing.  But I have to go.  Stay well hipikats!


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