My Wishlist

Today I wore another one of my thrifted skinny belts.

Worn with a sweater stolen from my Mom’s closet (as my father calls it “Mom’s Boutique”).  Basic white t-shirt, and Charlotte Russe jeans.

I wish I had some brown oxford flats to match the belt.  I have not been able to find a another pair as awesome as these, so I think I will spring for them.

In addition to the items I’ve already talked about desperately wanting I’ve discovered a few new ones at the mall today:

Floral Skirt

(American Eagle Outfitters)

High Waisted Shorts

Floral Dress

I can’t wait to go shopping!  I am definitely going to run out of money by summer time especially since I am going to buy tickets to go see John Butler Trio (one of my favorite artists) and I also want to see Vampire Weekend.  I have been listening to their new album like crazy! (They were just on SNL on March 6th)

This isn’t the best video but it is my favorite song off their new album-go figure it is the one they are not planning on turning into a single:

Stay hip, hipikats!


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