Unintentional Alice

I don’t like to plan out my outfits.  I like to surprise myself in the morning.  That is why I say that today’s outfit is unintentionally “Alice.”  I try not to follow the trends and right now Alice in Wonderland is quite trendy.  This outfit to me screams modern day Alice:

The shape of the dress and the headband with the bow gave me a flashback to the cartoon Alice.  Anyway, this outfit consists of black tights, white t-shirt, thrifted belt (which I have been wearing a lot!), skirt from Joyce Leslie, and headband from Claire’s.

I love the pockets in this skirt !

Anyway, I’m thinking about doing something on men’s clothing for all my guy friends, incase they are curious!

Tomorrow I am doing a few interviews on this year’s telethon on my school’s television network RTN.  I will be on periodically from 7pm-12pm.  If you’re on campus please tune into channel 5 to watch.  If not, you can watch it live on www.rtnch5.tv

That’s all.  The days have been so long and beautiful.  Hope you are all enjoying your last days of school before spring break!  Later, hipikats.


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