Future Spotlighting

Heylo, hipikats.  Sorry for the lack in posts.  It is spring break now and you’d think that would mean that I have more time on my hands but I suppose I am simply sleeping too much!  Coming up I’m doing a “Spotlight on Style” on one of my friends.  If any of you feel like you want to share your style, let me know!

I’ve had a couple outfits that I have desperately wanted to post on here in the past few days.  If you go to college though, you know how it is.  Sometimes there is just no time to take pictures of an outfit before you have to go do something else.  However, I promise there are many surprises ahead!

Here are a few LOOKBOOK photos:  (I tried to become a member and haven’t heard back yet)

As you can see, I’m very into lace and florals lately.  As for the last picture, those bow shoes are simply amazing.  I spy a DIY project in my future.

Much love, hipikats. It’s raining here like crazy.


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