Sunday Driver

My Spring Break is officially over.  Today I go back to college.  I am counting down the weeks until summer, I think there are about six weeks left.

I titled this post Sunday Driver because I feel like I have been driving a lot this week.  Plus, I have the one hour drive back to my school to look forward to later in the day.  Most relevantly, I wore this outfit to the DMV the other day.

Everyone at the DMV is usually unhappy.  Wearing this made me stand out and even brightened the place up a little bit.

Sweater top:  Evie from Bealls.  Headband: Claires. Jeans: Wax Jeans from Barefeet Shoes. Shoes:  Tommy Hilfiger Espadrilles from DSW.

I wore Tommy Hilfiger espadrilles which most likely are supposed to be tied up your bare leg but I liked the look of the ties over my jeans.

The purse in the above picture is the one I have been using everyday since last fall.

Last but not least, I love the bow headband in my hair.  Bows are still very fashionable this season!

As you can see, I got my haircut!  I like it.  The side bang makes it a lot less boring!

Two fun announcements:

One, I am affiliated with Styologue!  To check them out click on the link the right!

Two, I am now a member of!  I have added that link to my page as well.

Alright hipikats, continue to love the weather and look your Sunday best!  I personally cannot wait for Easter Sunday because then I can finally have a soda again!  This giving up things for lent is tough!  Finally, remember to smile 🙂

Lots of love,



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