My Guy

As a female, I can’t give too much insight into male fashion.  I can tell you what I think looks good, which is a female perspective that some might consider important.  Most wonderfully though, I can direct you to some fabulous websites and blogs that are high in style and quality!

It is a lot more difficult for a person to search for male fashion trends.  Therefore, I am doing the work for you to the best of my ability.

I always feel like the best way to gauge the fashion trends is by simply looking around you.  What is everyone else wearing?  Always be on the lookout for people wearing something new and different.  Then, if you like it, try it! is still one of my favorite sites where you can view fashions worn by people all over the world.  Here are a few of the men’s looks that I like:

Click here to see more.

For a view of the runways from this Spring, you can visit It is fun to explore.  When I have more time perhaps I will go through it more throughly.  However, it does seem that designs are becoming more and more feminine.

By far, my favorite men’s fashion blog that I have stumbled upon is Street Etiquette. Every outfit and every photo that these guys put together is just beautiful (in a totally manly way).  Here are a few photos:

Again, please check them out!  Their blog is so…the manly version of fabulous.

Another blog that I enjoy is the Men’s Fashion Blog.

Finally, one of the most famous “fashion bloggers” or fashion documenters around has a blog called The Sartorialist.  He travels all around the world and photographs people who look awesome!  He does tons of shots of guys!  Behold:

Well, my friends; this is for you.  To my guys who have been there for me and protected me all of these years starting with my dad to my boyfriend and my longest friends.  Love you all.  I hope this is helpful.

Lates, hipikats!


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