A Moment in Time

We are drawn towards the things that we are good at because those are the things that make us happy.  I like art but I can’t draw or paint very well.  That is why I like photography, because I don’t have to be able to take an image and attempt to make it come to life through movements I am not trained to do.  With photography I can just see something and figure out the best way to capture it.

Today I went out with a friend of mine in my photography class to work on our projects.  We had to do portraits.  These are his photos of me:

I’m actually skateboarding in that last picture!  Haha.

Today I wore: T-Shirt from Delia’s.  Blue Asphalt Shorts with Suspenders from Wet Seal. Tights from Icing.

Sunglasses from Charlotte Russe last season.

If you don’t mind I have a few pictures I really liked from my last few projects and I would to share them:

Sometimes taking a picture of an outfit on a certain day helps to bring back the memory, like photos of the events themselves.

Lots of love, hipikats.


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