Shoe Envy

…and other types of envy as well.  So, I have a confession to make: I am extremely envious of anyone with an awesome blog that averages 70,000 hits a day.  The envy doubles when I constantly see what I have considered a batch of the most amazing shoes in the universe:

Chanel Bow Tie Booties

Shown wearing them above is the fabulous Jane Aldridge from Sea of Shoes

Honestly, tell me that they are not the most beautiful combination of shoe perfection!  Mesh, bows, peep toe: I think I’m in love)!

BCBG Mendel Pony Hair Booties

There is something about the shape of these shoes that make them more than just shoes, they are art.

Here they are on the feet of the lovely Phrae of Light Silk.

I can’t get over how awesome they look.  I wish I had a pair! (Obviously)

Knee High Boots

I have been searching for a pair of boots like the one this girl is wearing in this photo that Jane took for her blog.  I cannot find them!

D&G Fall 2010 Collection “Coolest Shoes Ever!”

It’s a sock, it’s a shoe, it’s the greatest heel ever conceived!  I can’t wait until they are mass produced so I can still not own them only more pathetically!

Obviously, there are more shoes that I drool over on a constant basis.  I suppose they just don’t reach out of the computer screen, grab my shirt, and bash my head into my desk quite like these do.  However, I do enjoy these:

Lorna Bow and Wood Platforms

from (Currently out of stock, of course.)

Definitely, add Topshop to your list of online shopping destinations. They have tons of cute things.  The closest stores to me are located in north jersey, which is a pretty long drive just to shop (I know, what am I saying ” just to shop”).

To conclude, my birthday is only three months away at this point…hint hint.

Lately the weather has gotten me so down, I haven’t been trying to look good at all.  I thought March was supposed to go out like a lamb!  All I see is wet and cold.  I just want to lay in bed all day.  Too bad I have class.

Wait it out, hipikats.


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