It seems that designers have been erring on the side of whimsy with shoes this season.  While I am captivated and excited at the design of these heels, it is hard to ever imagine wearing them.  If I were ever lucky enough to be gifted a pair of these shoes, I would go out and buy a pedestal to put them on display.

Alexander McQueen

Don’t these look like bones?  Creepy but cool!

The hardware on these reminds me of Steampunk!

With Lady Gaga as his muse, McQueen designed these shoes.  They remind me distinctly of the ballet shoes I had to wear for pointe class.  Very painful, but beautiful.


Something about these shoes makes me think immediately of mexican rugs, but I still enjoy the shape of the heel and the take on peep toe boots.

John Galliano

Something about these catches my imagination.

Miu Miu

When I first saw these shoes, I though they were kind of horrible.  However, the whimsy is starting to grow on me.

Nicholas KirkwoodWANT!

for Rodarte

How cool are these post-apocalyptic heels!?


I also want these, haha.

On the subject of fantasy, Jonsi, member of the Icelandic band Sigur Ros has come out with a solo CD which echos the fantastical feeling of Sigur Ros.  I love it.  This song is called Boy Lilikoi:

I know my past post was also about shoes but 1) There are so many great shoes out there 2) It has been rainy and gross here

This has been me the past two days:

Except imagine an unhappy girl with wet hair plastered across her face and a hole in one of her rain boots.  I don’t understand how these guys are happy.

Anyway, continue to dream hipikats!


One thought on “Fantasy

  1. lauragommans

    Hey Danielle! Thanks very much for your comment 🙂 Haha yeah first I just started taking pictures of my boyfriend and then I asked him to pose with me and he was fine with it. Lucky me!

    Nice blog! xx Laura (

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