Happy Easter

(Even if you don’t celebrate Easter, have a wonderful day!)

Yesterday Peter went with me to The Walk in Atlantic City and I tortured him with my shop ’til you drop attitude.  Just kidding, we only shopped for three hours!  Thanks again love for coming with me ❤

I got this very pretty little lacy black dress, which is inappropriate for summer but I had to have it.  The top is tight black lace with three quarter length sleeves and the skirt is tiered ruffles. It’s H&M brand from H&M. I love the back and the neckline!

The dress feels just like the little ballet costumes I used to wear for dance, so I couldn’t resist throwing in some ballet in for old times sake.


In the background is my beloved record player. Mmhmm.

While taking these photos, I realized that curtains work really well as light diffusers so I did a few head shots.  (Is it bad that the words head shots just made me think of FPS Doug? BOOM Headshot!!)

BOOM headshot!

BOOM Headshot!

…OK, I’m finished.  What a way to contradict pretty photos.

Isn’t the lighting nice?  It made me look good and I just rolled out of bed, seriously.  Hence the perfect bed hair.  Sooo, I’m available for hire for all your photography needs…

No I’m not.  Ignore me.  However, I do know someone if you want someone totally hip.  Have a beautiful day, Hipikats!


5 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. erin

    i love the dress! so pretty. and you are absolutely gorgeous, sheesh.

    in response to the last post — i need to find ways to look professional and put together while not losing too much of myself. i need suggestions for when i’m interning in DC next semester. help! 🙂

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