Keith Haring

Ever since I did an art project based on Keith Haring’s work in 8th grade (photo here), I have always enjoyed the moments when I would see his work again.  His style of art is so distinct and I enjoy that signature.

Haring was a bit of a rogue artist.  He broke the mold.  With friends like Andy Warhol, who would expect anything less?  Haring liked to paint for the public, a lot of his murals can be seen all over the world.

He is best known for his statement with simple, bold lines.  This mouse one is suppose to be his bud Andy Warhol.

Imagine my surprise and excitement when I see teen star Miranda Cosgrove (from Nickelodeon’s iCarly) performing her new single on stage wearing a dress that is unmistakably Keith Haring!  Not that I have a particular love for Miranda Cosgrove or her “singing career,” but I sure do love me this dress!

I discover that, not only is Miranda wearing this dress the one time, she wears an entire collection bedazzled in Keith Haring in her music video for the song “Kissin U.”  Either Miranda’s stylist deserves huge props, or I suddenly have a new girl crush!  The song isn’t that great but look at the clothes!!!

Thank you Miranda Cosgrove for being awesome!  Anyway, the designer behind this whole thing is Patricia Field.  The whole collection can be seen here.  However I have a suspicion that some of Miranda’s outfits were made special.  Here are a few examples:

Notice how the mannequin above has Andy Wathol’s hair! Ahah, priceless!

The clothing item I most want are these jeans!

Here is a shot of Miranda on the set of her video wearing the jeans:

I am insanely jealous.  I find myself wanting to rip these off of her skinny body.  I would buy these in a heartbeat even with their $280 price tag if they came in my size!    She only made one pair in each size and of course the 3 and 5 are gone! …then again perhaps the seven would fit me. (I’m dreaming, of course.)  Ahh it’s like torture not to own these though!

Ok, enough whine.

Other designers have also done pieces inspired by Haring’s art like Jeremey Scott.  Here is Rihanna in one of his jackets:

Rihanna’s recent video for “Rude Boy”  actually employes a lot of Haring influence as well:

Check it out starting at 2:26 until about 2:56!

I have to go now.  Until next time, hipikats 🙂


9 thoughts on “Keith Haring

  1. Jen H

    yay for new jersey bloggers! i actually know a few people who go to rowan. 🙂

    and keith haring always has such amazing artwork. i’ve seen his work countless times but i never knew who the artist was until now! love those pieces in miranda’s video. i’m dying of jealousy right now as well. 😛

  2. Nathaly

    HI, muchas gracias por el aporte, pero …
    puede decirme
    Who makes the striped heels that Miranda Cosgrove is wearing in her “kissin’ U” video?
    when she open the car’s door. She wear boot from white and black with platform
    Thanks a lot.

  3. kelly

    I’m an art student who happens to go to the university in the town where Keith Haring grew up (kutztown, pa). I was pretty excited when I recognized that half of Miranda Cosgrove’s clothing in that video was Keith Haring inspired. That’s pretty neat.

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