Sidewalk Crouches at Her Feet

…like a dog that begs for something sweet.

I gave a presentation on Jim Morrison today in my Rock n Roll class.  (Yes, I take a Rock n Roll class.)  This shirt, which was gift from my dad, fit the occasion quite nicely.

Morrison Hotel Band T-shirt worn with: American Eagle Shorts, Merona tights from Target, Suede boots from Payless.

My ring is from a boutique in Eagles Mere, Pa.  It is called Eagles Mere East and I love it.  I always end up with a few cool rings from there.

The swirls of black and gold shimmer inside this glass bead reminds me of the cosmos.  It is like I have a little world on my finger.

Here is a photo from inside Eagles Mere East…this photo does not do it justice:

There are a lot of asian influenced items for sale there.  Hence, the “east” part of the store name.

My bracelet is from Joyce Leslie.

Wishing you lots of love, sleep, and sunny days, hipikats. ❤


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