Shabby Chic

I know a lot of my posts have not been about fashion lately.  Sometimes I need a break to embrace a few of my other passions.  One of those being interior design.  Now, the only time I ever got to really try my hand in interior decorating was this past winter when we got a home in Florida.  Of course, I didn’t get free reign.  I was able to turn the horrible pre-painted green color in the bathroom into something fun and sea-like.  For some reason, I never took a picture of it completed.  Here is a before photo:

It’s not a very good photo because I took them all when we first arrived after two looong days in the car.  I don’t know why I did that.  Anyway, I did get another bit of creative allowance with my bedroom.  (Obviously, right?)  In some embrace of my girly side after years of denying that I am, in fact, prone to womanhood, I wanted to go with a frilly, white, shabby chic look.

For those of you who are not familiar, this is Shabby Chic:

Ahh.  I love that these rooms are so light and fluffy but romantic at the same time.  The brightness and clean look calls to me.  Don’t the beds just make you want to lay in them?

The object of shabby chic is basically finding vintage furniture that is perhaps a little damaged and using it for it’s character.  However, I have seen instances where people will buy new furniture and age it with come crackle paint or sandpaper.

Here is what I did to my room in Florida so far:  (It isn’t  a lot but give me a break I was only down there for a week)

Here it is empty, of course.  Note the french doors=Like!  Paint color=Don’t like.

Ahhh magic!  I found the furniture in the kids section of a furnitue store down there, ahah how perfect.  The bedding, I got at Target.  Target has a whole line of Shabby chic brand, Here.

In the daytime, the paint color doesn’t look so harsh.

I also got this lamp at Target.  I didn’t even realize it was Shabby Chic brand until after I choose it, it was just exactly what I was going for.  I choose the shade to add a splash of color.  It might be too bright for a stickler though.

This bed is so comfy.

I still have a bit of work to do.  I wanted to look around in thrift stores fore a little window bench and some side tables.  I also want to paint it white and I was thinking of doing something freehand like this on a smaller wall:

I know, I’m insane.

Love, love, love, hipikats.


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