Pink Lips

I am way behind the curve on this trend but I can’t help but being enticed by the range of pink I have seen on celebrity lips lately.  I am not a fan of lipstick, at all, because it does not look good on me.  However, I could not help trying out this new trend.

I went to CVS and picked up FOUR different shades of pink.  I couldn’t help myself, I wanted to get the perfect color.  Plus, the N.Y.C. brand lipsticks were only $1.50.

Here are a few pictures of me wearing N.Y.C. Blossom:

I like the color but it certainly isn’t an everyday sort of thing.

What do you think, hipikats?

For some really great make-up tutorials, check out Michelle Phan.

She has been doing tutorials on the internet for years.  (In fact, I remember stumbling upon one of her first ever tutorials years ago on Xanga.)  Tons of people follow her Youtube channel.  My favorite is her Lady Gaga eyes from the bathtub scene in Bad Romance.

Thats all, hipikats.  Enjoy 🙂


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