Band T-Shirts

Lately, my appreciation for rock band has been renewed.  Logically, it follows that I have been toying with the idea of purchasing a few band t-shirts (Led Zeppelin, The Zombies, The Doors and The Beatles to name a few).  Even now I am wearing a Red Hot Chili Pepper’s shirt hat I most likely purchased from a Hot Topic three years ago.  I was never big into band t-shirts because they have no shape and they are reminiscent of 80’s grunge.  However, it has come to my attention that the band t-shirt not only makes statement about your musical taste but it can be dressed up in a number of ways.

Above are photos of Christine of  She has quite a nice blog.  She combined this ripped Mayhem shift with a tutu for fun.

Here is another tutu, band tee combo:

A few more looks:

Perhaps I will go ahead and get those tee shirts, I’ll have to get a white tutu while I’m at it.

Last but not least, I had to have a bit of a rock inspired photoshoot, of course:

Rock on, hipikats!


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