Who owns what?

Ok, I admit this post isn’t about clothes.  It’s about gum.  Not that I have a particular love for gum or anything.  I just think this bit of information is interesting.

I am always interested in finding out who owns what.  For instance, did you know Disney owns not only the Disney channel but also: ABC, ABC Family, A&E, The History Channel, Lifetime, and ESPN!  Incase you did not know, The Walt Disney Company is the largest media and entertainment conglomerate in the world.  Interesting, right?  Anyway, I am interested in it because being involved in the media/journalism world makes you start to realize how important it is to allow multiple owners of media.  We don’t want one guy pushing his agenda on all of the world because he owns everything we read and watch!

Anyway, I noticed something today after I grabbed a few packs of, my favorite, Big League Chew bubble gum.

(It’s tons of fun, by the way.)  Curious about the origins of such a masterpiece, I looked on the package to see what company made it: Wrigley.  Ah, Wrigley Gum.

Obviously my investigation couldn’t stop there so I checked out the official Wrigley website to see what other brands they produced.  I was amazed at everything they own: 5 gum, Extra, Doublemint, Orbit, Eclipse, Juicy Fruit, Altoids, Winterfresh, Starburst, Skittles, Lifesavers, Freedent, Big Red, and Hubba Bubba!

Plus, Mars owns Wrigley.  Oh, you know, Mars, one of the largest food manufacturers in the world.  Mars makes M&Ms, Snickers, Dove Chocolate, many types of dog and cat food, and Uncle Ben’s rice.  (Strange mix, I know.)

If your interested, take a look at the labels of your food and shower products next time your are using them.  You may be surprised to find out that Minute Maid is owned by the Coca Cola company or that Johnson & Johnson doesn’t just make baby lotion.  Plus, you’ll be a bit more informed about where your money is going.  Maybe you love Kit Kat bars but you don’t like York Peppermint Patties, it doesn’t matter because your money is going to the same place.

Something to think about, hipikats.


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