Things I’m excited for this summer

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Besides the obvious perks of summertime which include such wonderful events as: not having to do any school work, being with family and significant others, hanging out on the beach, and making money at a summer job, there are a few big events that I am looking forward too this summer!

1. The Last Airbender

Originally a cartoon on Nickelodeon called Avatar: The Last Airbender (the name was changed to just “The Last Airbender” because some pretentious director wanted to use the name “Avatar” for some film he made), this story follows the adventure of an airbender named Aang.  In this world, there are four kingdom’s that specialize in “bending” or manipulating the elements (Water, Air, Earth, Fire).  Then, there is a special bender; one who can bend all of the elements.  He or she is the Avatar.  Aang discovers he is the Avatar and that he needs to kick some fire nation butt before they try to conquer the world…amazingness ensues.  Here is a still from the movie that comes out July 2nd:

Here is the newest trailer:

2. Eat, Pray, Love

I loved this book.  I actually have read it twice.  It is a captivating and inspiring story.  And, big surprise, they are making it into a movie with…Julia Roberts.  Although the trailer doesn’t promise much,  I will definitely be seeing the movie.  If it is anything like the book, I think I will love it.  It will be a nice mother-daughter outing at the very least.  It opens August 13th.  Here is the trailer:

3. Toy Story 3

Toy Story revolutionized animation.  Besides, kids movies have been turning out to be really awesome in my late teen years.  It opens June 18th. Trailer:

4. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Incase you are totally uncool and therefore do not know about Universal Studios adding a whole Harry Potter theme park to their “Islands of Adventure” which opens June 18th, they are.  If you are not a Potter fan, it’s OK, not everyone has to be my friend.  If you are, behold.  Be super jealous of Ellen Degeneres and these two boys:

I was planning a trip down there towards the end of June.  I hope it is actually going to happen.  When I do get to this park (and I’m hoping it is sooner rather than later) it will be one of the greatest days of my life.  I’ve always wanted to try butterbeer!

Thats all for now, hipikats.  What are you excited for this summer?


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