This Summer’s Best Bathing Suits

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For bathing suits of summer 2011 read this!

We all know that it is that time of year, especially with the 80 degree weather we have going on here in New Jersey!  It’s swimsuit season!  For some reason, I personally have tons of swimsuits so I usually don’t go out and buy new ones.  (I’m not growing out of them ever.)  However, there are a lot of new and really sexy styles of suit out there:

1. The Monokini

The “monokini” hides only a little more than a regular bikini would but there is something about the design that creates a entirely different look.  Pros: Super sexy and hides a bit a belly fat if needed  Cons: Weird tan lines.

2. The Push-Up

Yes, it gives you more cleavage, as push-ups do, but the best thing about this top is that it most likely isn’t going anywhere.  My suits almost come off in the ocean far too often.  This top is structured and therefore isn’t going to do a lot of moving around.  Plus, this particular suit, from Victoria’s Secret (they’re having a really good sale now) has straps that can be removed and adjusted so you can wear it 5 different ways.

3. The Bandeau Top

While the bandeau does not work on me, (and somehow almost does not work on Miranda Kerr one of the most beautiful women in the world) it looks really great on some people.

Pros: Looks really cute and no strap tan lines.  Cons: Probably does not stay on that well but if it comes with straps then you can use them during difficult times.

4. The One Peice

Surprise surprise, and you thought one pieces weren’t sexy!  One piece swimsuits have really changed a lot in the past couple of seasons.  Now they are really cute, especially the retro ones (above and below) which are both from Victoria’s Secret.

To make it interesting you can also go with a suit with a cut-out like this one from Delia’s.

Or try an extreme plunge like this one from Zac Posen for Target!

5. The Halter

Sometimes there is a fine line between halter and bandeau, like the top above.  But this combo might be just right for someone who wants the bandeau looks but also wants straps.  The typical halter, of course, is more like this:

There is also a small difference between the halter top and the string bikini.  Halters are usually thicker and more supportive  which mean good things for you if you don’t feel like being stripped of your top by a wave.

6. The Triangle or “String” Bikini

Everyone knows this style.  For some reason, this is the only style I wear because it is the one kind that has looked good in the dressing room.  I have no photos of me in a bikini or else I would show one, which is a good thing I’m sure.  Anyway, triangle bikinis are best for people who are OK with showing quite a bit of their bodies.  Cons: These things are not conducive to ocean swimming or any type of diving, believe me.

Ok so here is the one bathing suit picture of me I found after searching Facebook and Myspace:

Me and Michelle ❤

There you have it, hipikats!  Go forth with your new bathing suit knowledge and get something sexy.  I find if you are shopping for bathing suit it is best to try them on because you def. want to get a fit you like.

Lots of love.


5 thoughts on “This Summer’s Best Bathing Suits

  1. Michelle

    Well first of all I would like to say how impressed I am with your website. I look at it occasionally and I really like what you’ve done with it. The reason I clicked on this particular one is because I have the bathing suit that is on the facebook post and because I was just looking at bathing suits yesterday at And I’m happy that I did because I got to see the picture of us at the bottom 🙂 Keep up the good work, this is excellent resumé material. ❤ love you.

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