Sun Protection

According to doctors and scientists, we have to protect ourselves from the sun to keep away premature wrinkles and skin cancer.  Good thing there are ways to do that while still looking awesome!  Obviously, you should wear a sunscreen when going outside.  Doctors actually recommend that you wear an spf 15 lotion on your face everyday (even in the dead of winter).  I personally do not do that because I think that is going overboard.  However, for the summertime, I enjoy:

Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer with spf 15.  I trust Aveeno to be gentle on my skin and not clog my pores.  I haven’t had any problems with this kind so I’m sticking to it.

Aside from sunscreen, there are two ways we protect our faces and eyes from the sun’s harmful rays: Hats and Sunglasses, of course!  The hat that covers all:

The Floppy Hat

Straw Floppy Hat ($59;


Although it’s huge, the floppy hat exudes some kind of elegance.

Rodarte Spring Collection 2008

The Floppy Hat is big, so it protects you completely from the sun.  Plus, like I said before, it has truly come back into style so I recommend getting one if you’re going to spend a lot of time in the sun.

Here is me in my floppy hat from last summer:

Another great hat this season includes:

The Cloche Hat

Photo from:
Originally popularly worn in the 1920’s, these hats are making a comeback.  Which is nice because they’re real cute.

What about eye protection?  We all enjoy our sunglasses:

I don’t think Wayfarers are going away anytime soon.  I have never seen a face that wasn’t flattered by this classic style:

If you don’t want to go with the trends specifically, there are flattering variations on the wayfarers that are similar but not exact:

Both glasses on sale at

Aside from wayfarers, I think aviators are another necessary staple:

However, these are just my opinions.  I read somewhere that you should go for a shape that is opposite the shape of your face when you are looking for sunglasses.  If you have a rounder face, go for squarish glasses etc.

Please remember everyone, a nice tan is sometimes the perfect accessory to any outfit.  However, use sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful rays and try not to frequent tanning beds because your risk for skin cancer becomes 75% higher if you use them regularly before you are 30 years old (source).

Enjoy and be safe, hipikats!


One thought on “Sun Protection

  1. Sam Freda

    Love the floppy hat!! They are my plan for the summer hahah although I also tend to go with the stiffer kentucky derby style hat loveee it

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