Once upon a time, I had a year subscription to Seventeen magazine.  I looked forward to getting a new magazine every month with fun fashion ideas among other things.  When it came time to “renew” my subscription I got a few reminder notices from Seventeen but I tossed them aside with the intention of getting to them eventually.  I wanted to renew the subscription until they sent me a reminder notice that changed my mind.  I wish that I had taken a picture of it but I think I threw it away immediately followed by all of my saved up magazines.  The reminder went a little something like this:

Don’t forget to renew your subscription to Seventeen magazine!  How could you live without the monthly fashion tips, hair and make-up advice, and tips on dealing with boys… (blah blah blah)

What idiots.  In a later thought I almost fetched the reminder out of the trash to enclose in a complaint letter to the magazine.  How could you so blatantly degrade a teenage girl and bully her into renewing her subscription to your magazine with a threat that she can’t live with the mindless “tips and advice” you shovel onto those pages every month.  It stirred such a mixture of anger and disgust in my stomach that I vowed to never get another magazine again.

You can imagine how amazed I am to find a magazine that pokes fun at all of those other magazines, Sassy.  Sadly it’s run lasted from 1988 to 1996.

Tavi, at The Style Rookie, wrote the most amazing blog entry on this magazine. (Tavi is awesome herself.  Thank you, Arielle Moskow for showing me Tavi’s blog!)

I’m going to go see if I can get my hands on any of these wonderful magazines or perhaps start my own.  I just ordered this book too:

Read on, hipikats.

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