Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes

I woke up a bit early for work this morning so I decided that I had two choices.  I could either clean my room which hasn’t been throughly cleaned for a month or post a new blog entry.  It is clear which one of those things I choose.  I have been wanting to write a blog about my favorite accessories for a while.  However, while I was on my way to doing so I realized that I was only thinking about rings and bracelets.  What about necklaces, earrings, belts, and hair clips?  So I did what I do best, nothing.

But I have decided that I am happy with just sharing my favorite bracelets and rings as of now, simply because they are the jewelry I wear most often  (and by “most often” I mean, once or twice a week).

I am not one to wear many bracelets together but lately I have been doing just that and I love it.  It’s funny how your tastes change over the years.  I used to think it looked so messy and unnecessary.  Maybe I am just learning to find to beauty in unmatching insanity rather than simplicity.

I like most bracelets because of their sentimental value.  Pictured above are all bracelets that were given to me.  I made only one as as a friendship bracelet when I made them for my friends my senior year of high school.

On to the rings!  Here are a few of my favorite rings.  All of which I got at Eagles Mere East in Eagles Mere, PA. I featured the black ring in an earlier post. My most favorite ring of all is this snake one.  Isn’t it cool?

Other than my own stuff, I have seen a couple really interesting rings around lookbook.nu that look like armor for your finger:

Like this one!  Very cool.  I got this photo from panieskscelencja.blogspot.com.  The girl that runs this blog is pretty cool.  Check it out here.

Oh and this ring is like my tiny snake ring on steroids, LOVE!

Keep checking back hipikats for a bit of a look into my closet!  I love you all.


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