People who are not used to seeing fashions sported in a unconventional way might be closed to the dated idea of the crop top.  However, fashion revolutionaries often find ways to get around something that has been off limits because it’s cheap connotations.  My favorite fashionista, Jane, from Sea of Shoes has bared her midriff in a cropped Zara sweatshirt time and time again without fail:

Photos from Jane’s blog, Sea of Shoes.

One of my favorite bloggers, Rachel from That’s Chic plays around with midriff grazing crop tops like it’s her job.

The funny thing about her obsession with a breeze around her midsection is that she does it so well.  I guess her experimentations are just proof that belly shirts can be more than a cheap-looking way to wear too-little.  Her style has inspired me:

I took a plain t-shirt and cut off the collar and bottom to create this simple crop top.  The skirt is Joe Benbasset.  Shoes are Fioni.  Bracelet unknown:

I got this bracelet in a surf shop.  Coolest bracelet ever!

In addition to inspiring me to bare my mid-section, Rachel has introduced me to the sweetest nail polish color (Re-Fresh Mint by China Glaze):

I am wearing it in the above photos.  When I went to the beauty store I also grabbed a light pink, light blue, and lavender by OPI:

From Left to Right: Italian Love Affair, What’s With The Cattitude?, Rumple’s Wiggin’.

I took a pretty photo of all my nail polish colors in order:

As you can tell I like order, but I like rainbow order even more.

That’s all for now, hipikats.  Enjoy.


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