Cosmic Inspiration

Hello everyone!  Awhile back, I wanted to do a post on cosmic clothing.  Since I love everything about the stars and planets, I was expecting to stumble upon some amazing clothing designs to post here and drool over.  However, my endless google searches turned up with nothing but an infant sized dress with a space print on it.  Today, I was reading Tavi’s blog and I came across this post!

Aren’t these shorts amazing!?

The designer’s name is Risto Bimbiloski.  Other pieces in this collection that came out in fall of 2009 include:

Photos from

These are actual photos from the Hubble Telescope printed on silk!  Love love love love.

There is something about the cosmos that inspires me.  I’m not exactly sure what it inspires me to do but after looking at pictures like this:

A Giant Hubble Mosaic of the Crab Nebula

I want to do something about how exciting it is!  For example, wear the pictures on my body!

Besides all of my hype about galaxy inspired clothing, many things have been happening around here:

I received my Rapid Lash product that I ordered.  It will take a month to notice the effects though, I’ll follow up on July 21st.

The ominous silhouette of my super awesome Celestron Astromaster telescope:

My mom spotted this bag in TJ Max and noticed it was similar to the Tokidoki ones I was fawning over so she grabbed it for me.  I love it!  So perfect for summer!

Harajuku Lovers is Gwen Stefani’s brand, btw.

I picked up my finished cupcake from my birthday adventure at Glazed Over in Ocean City, NJ.

Doesn’t it look yummy?

It opens too!

(Incase you are wondering, my nail polish in the above picture is Rumple’s Wiggin’ by OPI.)

Plus, I decided to start collecting money again like I did when I was 12:

Looks like I’ve got a long way to go.  This map always makes me wonder if I will ever be so desperate that I will actually need to spend these quarters.  Perhaps on a pair of wedges…   Obviously I am not that dedicated.

Hehe, New Jersey. ❤

I’m also gearing up for the midnight showing of The Last Airbender.  July 2nd, Can’t wait!

That’s all for now, hipikats.  Enjoy your day 🙂


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