As you may have deduced from my previous post, I am on a clog kick lately.  Lucky for me, I found a blog dedicated to the lovely clog.

If you are like the person I was one week ago then you still think clogs are horrible, ugly, clunky versions of footwear that should have died and remained dead forever.  However, recent styles have completely changed my mind when it comes to the clog:

Jeffrey Campbell Charlie

Jeffrey Campbell Snick Wedge/Clog

Red or Dead Lara Clog

Do you still think clogs are weird and unfortunate?  If you do, oh well.

While I was writing this my Steve Madden Barc Clogs just arrived!  Apologies in advance for the horrible photos.  I was way too excited to worry about the tripod.

Don’t mind my hair, just messing around.

Besides the shoes, my outfit is:  Jeans=American Eagle. Cropped Sweater=American Eagle

Yay!  I’m really happy with how comfortable these shoes are as well.

Also, been diggin’ the off-the shoulder too much.  Considering getting more of this sweater…

Yes, I used Picnik!  I was bored, ok!?

I won’t be posting in awhile starting today I’m going to be working quite a bit until Monday.  Happy 4th of July early!

Btw, here are two of the sale websites that I use:

Let me know if you’re interested in joining so I can e-mail you an invite!

Love you, hipikats!  Go see The Last Airbender!


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