A Summer Song

I know I posted about flowers before in early spring with the photos I took around my school’s campus of the wisteria etc.  The amazing thing about flowers though is that from early spring to late summer, each type of flower has a bloom period so the flowers are always new and exciting!  There is something about the natural beauty of all flowers that mesmerizes me.  Lucky for me, my mom has the most wonderful flower garden that I can admire all summer:

To view larger versions of these photos just click on them!

In the above and below photos you can see: Black Eyed Susans, Purple Cone Flowers, Fire Lilies, and one that I don’t know what it is!

Can you spy a butterfly in the picture below?

A lot of different insects were buzzing around while I photographed, including the bee!

Aside from the flowers, I also want to show you guys a little blast from the past.  Incase you did not know, Madonna just put out a clothing line sold exclusively in Macy’s called “Material Girl”.  With her 13-year-old daughter Lola as creative director, Madonna’s line promises to be…um…actually what teenage girls want and love (as opposed to a line coming from someone who is older and only attempting to grasp what younger girls desire).  Of course, it is Madonna, fashion icon, we are talking about.  Read the blog here .  Please do take a chance to read it because they are totally in tune with everything that I have posted about: Band Jackets, Crop Tops & Brogues!

I hope you are escaping this summer heat while still appreciating the beauty of nature, hipikats. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “A Summer Song

  1. chriscaff

    I love the way you’ve moved in closer as the shots progress. I just wish I was REALLY closer, and could smell them. The echinacea in shot eight looks particularly good.

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