Rapid Lash Review

Remember last month when I told you all that I would start using Rapid Lash and then check back here on July 21st?  Well, it’s been a month and a day since then and I used it every night before bed on my eyebrows and only my eyebrows. For the first couple of weeks I saw little to no improvement, but in the past week or so, I have seen serious results.


Notice how sparse my eyebrows are towards my nose (where I am pointing).  Sadly, this is not a result of over-plucking.  It’s genetic.

(Sorry if you hate eyes.)


You can see how the hair closest to my nose went from tapering off  to slowly creeping down for a more natural look.

Before & After:

As you can see, I am happy with the results of using Rapid Lash and I do recommend to anyone looking to enhance their eyebrows.  Like I said before, I did not use the product on my eyelashes so I can’t recommend that from experience.  However, it does work.

A short post today everyone.  Enjoy your days, hipikats.


2 thoughts on “Rapid Lash Review

  1. Patricia

    HI Danielle,

    I have really enjoyed reading your review of rapid lash. I am a fully qualified technician who has certified with Primalashes.(http://primalashes.com/eyelash-extensions-technicians/ ) a lot of our clients ask about rapid lash and ssome of them have complained about irritation durng the first 3-5 days. Did you experience this when you used it on your eyebrows? It will be interesting to know how the products affect the different areas

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