That’s sick!

Ok, I’m sick.  Sick enough to have to spend all day inside bouncing back and fourth between the computer, video games, and tv.  I planned on finishing at least one blog post yesterday but I was so restless that I just didn’t feel like committing.  I honestly don’t even know if I will finish this one today, bleh!

Anyway, remember when I ordered these? The Steve Madden Feaver Wedges. (It’s ok, you can say no.)

Well they arrived a week ago.  See how lazy I’ve been?

(Still wearing my favorite, Re-Fresh Mint nail polish…the laziness continues.)

Please forgive my sick attire.

I am planning a future post on my suggestions for what to pick up for back-to-school.  Too soon?  Plus, there is another one that has been in the works for a while that requires me to watch a lot of fashion shows on youtube that has been driving me crazy.  Hopefully that will be completed…eventually.

Stay healthy, hipikats.


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