Danielle’s Picks for Fall 2010

I’m excited for a few reasons. 1)I’ve received about 50 views on my blog in the past three days each (that’s 50 per day). 2)This post is going to be the best ever. 3)I may have had way too much caffeine in the past two hours!

Don’t act like it isn’t happening.  Fall is fast approaching and the only way to soothe your seasonal affective disorder is with retail therapy.  Fall has always been my favorite season for one reason, back-to-school shopping.  Going back-to-school; it’s the best excuse reason ever for blowing tons of money on clothes we usually only wear a couple time before we outgrow them.  Lucky for us barely-over-20-year-olds, we are mostly finished with that growing business so when we want something to last, we make sure not to put it through the washing machine too many times (smells good to me!).  Just kidding.  Or am I?

Anyway, as your own personal slave-to-fashion, I am here giving you all a heads up on what’s going to be totally rad this fall.

I suggest you start by listening to my favorite fall soundtrack, Vampire Weekend.  To play the soundtrack click on “Pop-out Player” below.

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1. Varsity

Every year “school uniform chic” comes back to haunt us somehow in the form of knee socks or cardigans.  This year is no different.  Expect a more serious dedication to the trend with this season’s Letterman Jackets.

Found at Forever 21.

Photo taken of the September 2010 issue of Teen Vogue.

Additionally, don’t discount your cardigans as a trend that has come and gone (because you know you love their lightness and soft versatility).  Just try adding a few collegiate looking ones to your wardrobe:

BDG’s Varsity Stripe Cardigan.  Photo Source.

American Eagle Letterman’s Cardigan. Photo.

School days does not stop with outerwear, to my great pleasure.  I have been obsessing about them since spring and here they are to stay:  Oxfords/Brogues!  This manlier version of the childhood saddle shoe is so alluring to moi.

Steve Madden Tuxxedo Oxfords. Photo Source.

I promise, I am giving you gold here.  I have wanted a pair of oxfords forever (the Steve Maddens above in particular for $58) but I have waited to find a pair under $50 with no luck.  Now, all of the Steve Maddens are sold out and I have to find something else.  For instance, the Steve Madden Trouser shoes which are $69.


Or, the Chelsea Classic Oxfords for $58 at Urban Outfitters. To see all of Urban Outfitter’s Oxfords, click on the link and proceed to fall in love.

Last, but not least in the fall line-up of school inspired clothing and accessories is the leather purse/bookbag.

Fossil Kenya Crossbody Bag. Available here.

Back in the Saddle Bag at ModCloth.

Upwardly Mobile Satchel at Modcloth.

Mirage Canvas Bag at Forever 21.

2. Pendelton

Don’t attempt to google it.  If you do, you’ll get a bunch of pictures of some half-naked athlete posing with her bicycle.  Instead observe these beautiful things from the collaboration of Pendelton and Opening Ceremony:

Photo source.

Photo source.

Photo source.

Pendelton, my friends, is this girls pick for print of the season.  I love the colors and the obvious Native American derivation.

Photo Source.

In my opinion, this collection is great enough to warrant it’s own blog post. (Unfortunately, I am somehow a year late on the premier of the collaboration.)  This is why I urge you to view more photos of the collection here, if you enjoy it.

Found here.

Because the Opening Ceremony products are a bit pricey and because this print could perhaps be a bit too loud.  You can always pull off the look with a smaller bag or clutch found at Urban Outfitters.

3. Military

I’m actually not a fan of military.  I don’t appreciate grungy-looking, weathered, green coats that are not at all flattering or clunky beaten boots from the civil war.  Or so I thought.  When the fashion bloggers I admire tend to pull it off so insistently, I cannot help but change my mind when faced with such fashions.

That’s Chic


As a result, my recommendation for you is to grab yourself a pair of versatile boots and a military jacket ASAP.

The Pocket Jacket at Charlotte Russe.

We Who See Fringe Boot at Urban Outfitters.

4. Sweater

Remember, the wonderful D&G fashion show I posted before?  If not, you’re in luck.  Here are some photos:



This trend is easy.  Just keep an eye out for the classic sweater design.  For instance, I grabbed this cropped sweater at the Delia’s Warehouse Sale at the Wildwood, NJ Convention Center last week:

5. Chancing It

People who take a risk for the sake of fashion are typically the trend setters.  Perhaps, at first, everyone will look at them and say some thing to the effect of “What are they thinking?”  However, it is surprising how often certain trends grow on us and then become a staple of our own wardrobe.  As someone, who has had her eyes pried open to the world and possibilities of fashion, I urge you to take a risk with your outfit choices this season.  I challenge you to attempt at least one of these trends:

Denim on denim


How to Wear It:



Thrift Store Chic

My inspiration, Jane from Sea of Shoes, is always finding vintage clothes that look like a million bucks.

Snakeskin Jacket



The trick is, going into a vintage/consignment store and looking for something that will stick out!

The Super-Flared Jeans

When I see these jeans, all I can think of is Led Zeppelin…which probably makes them really cool.

Rumi from Fashion Toast.

Always remember, hipikats, if you see something you like, then get it and wear it.  Try not to think too much of what other people think because everyone is usually too worried about themselves to dwell on your appearance too long anyway.  If you are happy with the way you look, then be glad that you stand out.  Like I said before, trend-setters take chances.  What will you do?

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for this fall season (because this post took for-e-ver)!  Shop away, hipikats!


6 thoughts on “Danielle’s Picks for Fall 2010

  1. lauragkeating

    I love the Native Americn print- i have been looking everywhere for a solid pair of moccasins, and i just can’t find the ones i’m looking for. It’s hard to find this print- maybe Forever 21? Anyway i LOVEEEEDDD this blog 🙂 i always loved going school shopping- it made going back to school bearable 🙂

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