Philadelphia Museum of Art

We recently visited the Philadelphia Museum of Art and I had such a wonderful time.  Every corner turned was another room filled with surprises and inspiration.  While I enjoyed many paintings and works in the museum, these are the ones that stuck out in my mind as the most intriguing and exciting:

Degas- The Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer

Van Gogh- Wheat Field in Rain

The Spring Sale at Bendel’s- Florine Stettheimer

(Although this photo is difficult to see, it most accurately captures the color of the painting, which is what drew me in in the first place.  As you can tell from the title, this painting contains a scene in which many high society ladies are struggling and fighting for a good sale.)

Replica Japanese Tea House- Ogi Rodo (Architect)

Mary Cassatt- On The Blacony

Rene Magritte- The Six Elements

Van Gogh- Vase with Twelve Sunflowers

I also enjoyed seeing works by Picasso (The Three Musicians), Chagall, Cezzane, Warhol, Pissaro, Renoir, Pollock etc.  For a fun trip and a bit of inspiration, I suggest you visit a museum near you.

Be inspired, hipikats.

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