Timothy Sorsdahl

While I am on the subject of art, there is an artist I would like to share with you.  His name is Timothy Sorsdahl.  When I stumbled upon his work, I was immediately in awe of his amazing use of color.  Ever since then I have kind of been keeping his work my own little secret.  But art is meant to be shared and appreciated by many.  Enjoy.

Be sure to look him up to see more of his work!  Keep dreaming, hipikats.


3 thoughts on “Timothy Sorsdahl

  1. Mr Artsy Smartsy

    Yes, his work is amazing to say the least. I just finished reading a self written bio about him. I dig his work but I also like his honesty when he writes. No cover ups or sugar coating, just straight up honesty. Besides in his bio I just read I noticed in his blog was the same humble honesty.

    I was just surfing to learn more about him. I am going to sell his artwork in my shopping blog and wanted to learn more about him.

    Drew, ATX

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