First Day Junior Year

Some 20 year olds still plan their “first day of school outfits” (back me up here people).  While I can’t say that I went as far as to layout my outfit the night before, I did have a pretty clear idea of what I was going to wear.  (Tomorrow is a completely different story, however.)

The dress is Lucca Couture and the bag is from H&M.

(I did get my hair cut a few weeks ago.)

I have worn this dress once before for an engagement party this summer.  I love the print and the fit because it is casual but also makes more a statement than a solid cotton sundress.  I was really happy to get this dress on a sample sale website after seeing a similar one on Urban Outfitters.  I think some floral prints can be overdone and I don’t think that is the case here.

I’m also quite excited about my bag from H&M because I’ve been searching for the perfect leather bag at a reasonable price and this is it.  It’s cross-body and the perfect size to carry a book or two along with my regular necessities.

After a long day, it is always nice to have fun with your clothes.

I grabbed this pajama set at Walmart when I saw it came with leg warmers! ($9, btw.)

I have always kind of wondered why pajamas are so funny in comparison to day-wear.  Most of my friends say, “Because they’re pa-ja-mas, der!”  I think that sleep is about comfort and being with loved ones.  Not many people would want to walk around with puppy dogs all over they’re jeans but family doesn’t care what your wearing and nor do friends at sleepovers.  I just find it interesting that everyday clothes are so serious but all green ensembles plastered with frogs are the norm for sleepwear.

Anyway, that is all for today.  I will leave you with this: If you are a purse person, like the person I am slowly becoming, check out this website.  They have all kinds of other clothing, etc. as well.

Enjoy, hipikats.


4 thoughts on “First Day Junior Year

  1. itsstrangelyme

    I’m 20 years old and I .. kind of plan out my outfit but nothing ever goes as planned the next morning. Vancouver weather is too unpredictable for that and definitely too cold to be wearing a dress to the first day of class! 😦
    Your dress is really cute 🙂 I think it would look great with a thin light brown belt!

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