The Art of Living

More than anything, I am concerned with fashion as an art form.

The things that people create: Movies, Paintings, Poetry, Novels, Photography, and Music (to name a few) are considered works of art.  All too often we overlook  the everyday objects we utilize as nothing more than objects.  Cars, Furniture, Kitchen Appliances and Clothing are all made with care for functionality as well as visual appeal.

Everything we create has the potential to be a beautiful masterpiece.  I think people overlook this facet of clothing, especially because we are usually surrounded by what is simple and mass produced.  It is easy to forget that our garments can be so much more if we only put the effort into recognizing different and extraordinary pieces instead of running for the first Hollister store to grab a couple cotton t-shirts.

I found this dress at H&M.  I was instantly drawn to it’s dusty pink color and cascading ruffles.  To be honest, it isn’t something I might have ever picked out before, let alone worn, but with the opening up to new ideas comes an expansion of taste (which is a whole other story).

I love the way it moves, as well.

I paired it with my Steve Madden Fever Wedges and Cesca bag.

Keep an open mind, hipikats.


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