Sensory Input

I apologize that my blog posts have been reduced to photos.  I’ve been busy with school, however.  I get pretty overwhelmed at the sheer amount of  information I take in.  Oftentimes I don’t have enough quiet time to sit down and organize it all.  Some of it just gets lost.  Sadly, the ideas that get lost most often are ideas for this blog since it is kind of a lower priority (although I wish I were not). Recently worn:

Revolt studded shorts (purchased @ Delia’s warehouse sale) with a belt (also bought at the sale). Nail polish is OPI “What’s With The Cattitude?”

Also, I’ve been getting more into eye liner. I never used liquid eye liner before.  I had this idea that there is no way it could look good.  Obviously, I was wrong.  My inspiration, of course:

Jane from Sea of Shoes

I used Maybelline’s Ultra Liner (Waterproof) but I do not recommend it.  I had to put it on after I curled my eyelashes so it wouldn’t flake off and even then it still came off with the slightest brush of the fingernail.

I’ve heard L’Oreal Lineur Intense is good, so I will be trying that.

My advice for these next few weeks:  Cling to your shorts people!  It’s won’t be long until we it’s too cold to wear them.  Don’t start subbing your jeans in  when you feel a slight breeze…you will get to wear them soon enough.  Try tights or high socks!

Enjoy these final warm days, hipikats.


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