A Few of My Favorite Things

(Wasn’t the garden in this movie just amazing?  One day I want to have a huge tree with men’s neckties hung all over it.)

I thought it would be nice to share a few of my favorite fashion bloggers with you.  Now is the perfect time, because they are all posting the most wonderful photos of the spring collections.  Tres jolie!

1. Jane – Sea of Shoes

2. Rachel – That’s Chic

3. Scott – The Sartorialist

4. Tavi – The Style Rookie

5. Rumi – Fashion Toast

6. Denni – ChicMuse

7. Christine – Christeric

Of course, I have more but these are my favorites (for now) because they don’t just blog about what is out there.  They are constantly creating their own looks and going beyond the trends.  Not to mention they all understand aesthetics and good photography.

Incase you are interested, I wrote a review for the season premier of Glee.  Check it out here: RTN’s Straight Talk TV Blog

That is all for now, hipikats. 🙂


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